Frameless Heavy Glass Entrances

Redwoods-Conference-RoomHeavy Glass frameless storefronts have been designed and engineered in an effort to move away from the more traditional aluminum storefront systems, giving the system a more polished edge. The shift in interest was piloted by the desire for a more open and modern environment within a given space, creating a more elegant, open, airy and structurally sound product while also maintaining privacy. The demands of architects and designers along with research and development by industry-leading engineers, we are now finding that Heavy Glass is being used for projects that pertain to doors, rooms, handrails, wall partitions, and more.

Heavy Glass is the answer for architects and designers seeking to utilize clear elements capable of beautiful edgework, structural integrity, and being able to open new spaces with a confined area. The application of glass in any modern commercial or residential or architectural design can upgrade, revitalize, or create any space to be functional, bright, open, and light.

Product Use and Application:

  • All glass doors, side-lites and transoms
  • All glass rooms and partitions
  • Interior and Exterior handrails
  • Deck and balcony railings
  • Conference room doors and walls
  • Elegant entries for commercial and residential
  • Retail entries and storefronts
  • Fish tanks
  • Sports walls and courts
  • Awning and canopies
  • Shower enclosures