About Us

In 1987, Ed Wray founded New Horizon Glass and Storefront, a small glass, glazing, and storefront company in Raleigh, NC. Ed began working in the glass industry in Long Island, New York, during the late seventies while working for a small company similar to the one he would go on to create and build. He joined the glazier’s union in New York and worked on numerous projects in New York City, Long Island, and the surrounding areas. His passion for the industry growing, Ed decided to move to North Carolina where he and his brother-in-law started a residential and commercial glass business in Raleigh, Diamond Glass & Mirror. In 1989, Ed decided to focus on the commercial side of the glass and storefront industry when we created New Horizon Glass and Storefront.

Shortly following the creation of his new company, additional custom products were added to the company scope, leading to a new facility on Gresham Lake Road under the name newIZON, Inc. With new products, new ideas, new marketing strategies, and a strong desire to assist in the design and implementation of custom products, the company regrouped yet again in 2010 to become Innovative Glass Solutions, now located in Wake Forest, NC. The company is no longer regarded as only a glass and storefront shop, but instead as “creators of visual excitement.”

Innovative Glass Solutions, LLC has the background, desire, and expertise to take care of your most intricate custom glazing needs while still holding the company to high standards by providing quality service, reliability, and dedication.